Top 10 Carpet Moth Trap UK – Moth Protection

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1. Ambush Pro

Sticky Pheromone Traps that attract and kill Carpet Moths and Clothes Moths., Ambush Pro CARPET AND CLOTHES MOTH TRAPS. 7 Pack of Toxin-Free

Ambush Pro - Traps moths to prevent breeding cycles: using female moth pheromones that are integrated into a glue board, male moths are attracted and then caught on the traps, preventing breeding cycles. Family and pet safe: ambush pro traps are pesticide free, non-toxic and odourless meaning that you can place these anywhere around your property with total peace of mind.

Easy to use, compact and discreet with large trapping area: designed so they can be located anywhere where moth damage could potentially occur. Highly effective pheromone lure: our traps attract the 2 species of moth that cause the most damage to homes and businesses. This protects your expensive carpets/clothing and helps to give them the longest possible lifespan. Our research has shown attempting to attract further species, such as Pantry moths reduces the effectiveness of the traps.

Carpet moths like being hidden in dark corners and under furniture, particularly along skirting boards, while you can also place these in wardrobes looped over hangers or on shelves and in drawers to protect against clothes moths. Protects your home or business from the rising problem of carpet and clothes moths. These are the case bearing Tinea pellionella and Common Clothes/Webbing Tineola bisselliella moths.
BrandAmbush Pro
ManufacturerSevern View Solutions

2. Theo's Home Care

LONDON MOTH KILLER. 10 Professional Pheromone Moth killers | 8 x Wardrobe Clothes & Carpet Moth Traps and 2 x Indian Meal Pantry Traps | Complete Anti Moth Treatment for the Home | Inc. eBook.

Theo's Home Care - Crucially less noxious than borax powder, odourless, and totally safe around inquisitive pets and children. You will also receive via e-mail, a moth busting eBook and user guide. The common clothes moth, the Case Making Carpet Moth and the Pale Backed Moth. Contains 8 clothes moth pheromone traps and 2 indian meal pantry pheromone traps.

London moth sticky carpet and clothes moth traps help to protect your rugs, carpets, transfluthrin sachets and naphthalene moth balls for clothes storage. Each sticky moth killer lasts for 3 months and are non-toxic, moth repellent spray, storage and wardrobes against damage from future generations of marauding larvae. Easy set up. Honestly, peel the lining to reveal the glue, fold the moth pheromone trap into a triangle shape and you are ready to go! No gross refills need to be changed. We are always happy to help. Remove from foil, pop the moth trap in the bin! Once done with, it could not be easier.

The additional pantry moth traps will target the notorious Indian Meal Moth to protect your kitchen and food stores. Complete professional moth prevention for your home and business from the people who know moths. The ebook is chock full of professional tips to eliminate the scourge of moths from your home forever! Follow the user guide to ensure maximum results! Not suitable for the brown house moth, gypsy moth and harmless lepidoptera such as the bumble Bee Wax Moth, White Shouldered Moth, Hawk Moth, Common Plume Moth and other generic moths that may find their way into your home.
BrandTheo's Home Care
ManufacturerTheo's Home Care
Height1 cm (0.39 Inches)
Length14 cm (5.51 Inches)
Weight0 kg (0 Pounds)
Width12 cm (4.72 Inches)
Part Number3B-35Y9-ZMFN
Warranty60 days

3. MothOut

Safe Home Anti Moth Treatment, Carpet Moth Killer + Lavender Moth Repellent for Wardrobe Protection + 10 Lighting Plates, MothOut 10 Pheromone Clothes Moth Traps, Odourless Sticky Cloth Moths Trap

MothOut - To boost our kit we`ve added 10 light-emitting insect attractants and a dry lavender pouch which is natural moth repellent. Mothout kit is protecting clothes in wardrobes or drawers also rugs and carpets, dress or trousers are damaged. Unhappy#@!com. Just contact us for professional and friendly support.

Our traps can be used anywhere: stretched flat under furniture where carpet moths love to hide, it's making unbeatable moths prevention. Each trap is foil sealed to guarantee effectiveness and once opened works for up to 3 months. Saving money and time - we all know what it's like when we take our best clothes out of the wardrobe hoping for a great night out with friends, terrible disappointment. This is a killer product, we guarantee a 100% refund. Most optimal anti moth solution - this set of 10 powerful, fragrance-free traps is all you need to free your home from clothes moths. Carefully selected lavender in the linen pouch with silk cord to deliver protection, but if you are not fully satisfied, premium experience and a touch of luxury.

Remove the trap from the protective seal, shaped in a triangle around the house or inside the drawers or wardrobes in standing or hanging position, forming the pyramid shape, thanks to included optional hooks. How does it work? the inner side of the trap is covered with glue containing pheromones to catch male moths stopping devastating larvae generation. Where the other insecticide products like naphthalene mothballs, ODOURLESS, your family and pets.
Height2.4 cm (0.94 Inches)
Length19 cm (7.48 Inches)
Width12 cm (4.72 Inches)
Part NumberMO0001

4. Moth Magnet

MOTH TRAP- Pheromones moth traps attract male moths to our sticky moth traps to stop the cycle. Carpet and Clothes Moth traps are non toxic. Carpet moth killer providing carpet moth treatment

Moth Magnet - Moth trap - our pack of 8 moth traps are all you need to eliminate these pests from damaging your clothes and home. Easy to use - remove the trap from its protective foil sealed bag, remove protective seal to expose the sticky moth trap, fold and tuck carboard to make the pyramid shape with hook on top.

Carpet moth trap can be left under furniture as moths prefer dark or hidden corners, with a hook design they can be installed in wardrobe for a clothes moth traps or left in a draw to protect against clothes moths. This will kill the moth breeding cycle providing a moth free home. Family and pet safe - moth magnet moth traps are odourless and non-toxic that won't cause any harm to your family or pets, our sticky moth traps will only harm the moths breeding cycle.

Moth out. Moth stop on sticky moth trap killing the moth breeding cycle. Sticky moth trap preventts breeding cycle - all 8 of our pheromones moth traps will attract the male moths to the moth traps which are covered in glue along with strong pheromones. Versitile moths traps - once set up they can be located anywhere, Ideal carpet moth killer. Your pheromones moth traps are ready to go and last up to 12 weeks. Can be used as a carpet moth trap or clothes moth trap for moth prevention.
BrandMoth Magnet
ManufacturerMoth Magnet

5. Nonny Beach Ltd

Safe for Children & Pets, Odour-Free, Moth Traps 4 Pack for CLOTHES, CARPETS, WARDROBES & DRAWERS. Irresistible sticky pheromone glue board attracts and kills CLOTHES and CARPET MOTHS | Non-Toxic

Nonny Beach Ltd - We want you to be delighted with your Nonny Beach Moth Traps, and so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. This will aid in the reduction of the larvae that damage your clothes and carpets and should be an integral part of your overall pest control strategy. 100% guarantee.

Choice! Once opened allow at least 3 WEEKS in order to assess the catch rate before moving the traps to another location. Each trap is individually foil-sealed. They do not attract female clothes/carpet moths or any other species. Please note that the pheromone used in these traps is specifically formulated to attract ADULT MALE BREEDING carpet and clothes moths. Target & kill clothes/carpet moths with infused professional grade pheromone super sticky glue traps making them irresistible to Male Moths & removing them from the reproductive cycle. Deadly for moths - safe for the environment, pets & children - our moth traps are natural / Insecticide Free / Non-Toxic / Reusable / Eco-Friendly / Odourless / Recyclable.

Versatile - each of our moth traps have an optional hook if you want to hang them in your wardrobe, or an area you need to protect, or against the skirting boards for carpets. 1 year moth protection - each box contains 4 individual clothes moth traps, each lasting for at least 3 months. Wherever you have a moth problem, and are also designed to be placed flat in your clothes drawers, these traps are your No1.
BrandNonny Beach Ltd
ManufacturerNonny Beach Ltd

6. Caraselle Ltd

N.a, Caraselle Ltd ACANA Carpet Moth Trap

Caraselle Ltd - Monitors the level of Carpet Moth Infestation in the room. Designed to act as a 'First Alert' to Carpet Moths and Beetles. Fits under sofas, and neatly against skirting boards. Each sticky board has a timestrip Visual End of Life Inidicator - Lasts 8 weeks. Easy to use and discreet.
BrandCaraselle Ltd
Weight0.02 kg (0.04 Pounds)
Part NumberKD14577

7. Manchester Mothmen

MANCHESTER MOTHMEN Moth Killer | 5 Professional Clothes Moth Trap | Moth Repellent For Wardrobes | Carpet Moth Treatment | Anti Moth Product | Paper Pheromone Traps For Wardrobe | Carpet Beetle Killer

Manchester Mothmen - A 3-in-1 solution: our sticky moth traps use a unique mix of pheromones that help them catch all three of the main clothes moths species: the common clothes moth, the case-bearing clothes moth and the pale-backed clothes moth.

The bigger the trap, the more moths you’re going to catch. The pheromones lure them in, the glue shuffles them off the mortal coil. Forget flames, we’ll have you saying ‘like moths to a pheromone-based moth trap’ in no time! No insecticides: our traps kill moths with just glue. Guide included: we’ll make an entomologist of you yet! Know thy enemy--learn what species is invading your home, how it likely got there, and what you can do to ensure future moth prevention.

They’re also a delightful shade of blue, which we’re sure said moths will appreciate in their final moments. No need for anything else! Larger surface area: these are big traps. That’s a threesome you’d rather avoid! simple set-up: why chase after moths with sprays when you can get them to do all the hard work instead? Consider a moth catcher a form of automation.
BrandManchester Mothmen
ManufacturerManchester Mothmen
Part Number.

8. RugRemedyUK

Wardrobes and drawers. Safe for children and pets., odour free Pheromone trap. Use in rooms, RugRemedyUK Clothes & Carpet Moth Traps 8 Pack. A pesticide free, non toxic

RugRemedyUK - Leave the moth traps under furniture as moths prefer dark or hidden corners. Flexible use: once set up they can be located anywhere, place two to three traps in each room that has clothes or wool carpets. Long lasting: we recommend replacing your traps every six weeks or when full during the Spring/Summer breeding season.

Place the traps close to the floor in rooms for carpet moth killer properties. Easy to use: remove the trap from its protective plastic sealed bag, remove protective seal to expose the sticky moth trap, fold and tuck carboard to make the triangle shape and place where required. Multi material protection: Protects garments made of wool, silk, cashmere, leather and cotton and wool carpets!. Place low in wardrobes to act as a clothes moth trap or left in a draw to protect against clothes moths. Each pheromone trap is individually sealed and simply do the job required! If you are not completely satisfied with the way these traps attract and catch moths, simply contact us for an exchange or a full refund.

Rugremedyuk offer: each pack comes with 8 traps. Your moth trap is ready to catch and kill moths. Safe, pesticide free and non-toxic protection : These non-toxic moth traps capture and kill the male moths in your home and are completely safe for your family and pets. Stop the moth breeding cycle: These traps attract male moths to eliminate them from the mating game.
Height2.5 cm (0.98 Inches)
Length15.5 cm (6.1 Inches)
Width13.5 cm (5.31 Inches)
Part NumberMT8


Clothes Moth Killer 6 Pack with Strong Pheromone Attractant, AnqeerHub, Trap and Kill Case-Bearing Webbing Cloth Moth Trap, Lure, Non-Toxic Sticky Glue Trap for Closets and Carpet Moths

ANQEER HUB - Best solution: with our professional clothes moth repellent pheromone traps, you can easily keep your clothes moth free in your closet. These traps catch and kill both webbing and clothes moths not pantry moths. Product perform best above 22 degree Celsius, cashmere, to release proper pheromone.

Non-toxic & insecticide-free: made with commercial grade greater sticky glue that`s 100% Non-poisonous and Odorless. If you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us for an exchange or a full refund. They are perfect for stopping and tracking garments moths. How it works: unlike other chemical-based solutions, our acana moth killer have a very powerful sustained-release female pheromone that attracts, traps, and kills male moths to stop the breeding cycle.

Each pheromone trap is individually sealed and are guaranteed to work. Our traps are infused with a very powerful pheromone attractant, so just sit down and leave it to us. Simple, effective and durable: just open the trap, peel it off, fold it and put it in your closet or cloth storage. Our moth traps are secure to be used to your home safe. Each moth killers for the home is individually sealed for maximum effectiveness and lasts up to 2 months after opening. No questions asked.
ManufacturerANQEER HUB


Moth Killer | Trap for Wardrobes Clothes & Carpet | Refillable Protection | Odour Free & Natural | Pheromone Attractant | Non-Toxic No Insecticides & Safe for Children & Pets 100% Result Guaranteed

EXTREME POWER MOTHS CLOTHES TRAPS - Worldwide these very sticky traps attract and then restrain the male clothes moth, The Clothes Moth Trap attracts and captures adult male clothes moths using the pheromone that female moths use for attraction male stopping reproduction.

Powerful & efective against the moths: They use the strongest attractant and the stickiest glue, drawing in the males and stopping the breeding. Long lasting: 6 traps and 6 weeks per trap It can be still highly-sticky after placing for several days after opening. Your family and clothes will be protect: there are more than 2, clothes moths are pests that can often carriers of harmful bacteria, breaking the breeding cycle of the moth population, 000 moth species, destroy fabric and other materials.

Safe and non-toxic: safe and non-pollutant environment to family members and pets and no nasty chemicals in sight. User-friendly desing: Just open peel and fold clean and efficient.